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What is LiveFit?

Those in the health & wellness field typically face the same three “space” problems.


1.  Small rooms for rent are very hard to find.

2.  On demand options simply don't exist.

3.  Sharing revenue upside in exchange for space is not really working for yourself. 


So what is the solution?


Create a place that offers affordable on demand space where you only pay for what time you actually use, so you are always net positive and profitable 100% of the time. 

And THIS is . . . LiveFit Wellness Suites

We will grow with you as you build your own independent practice!


How Does It Work

LiveFit Wellness Suites provides you and your clients with a professional environment to conduct your business while limiting your overhead. Our on demand turnkey solution allows you to focus your time and energy on your craft (your revenue source) and not running a facility (that's our job).

Using the facility is simple by design to make your life easier. All you need to do is to book and pay for your room when you need it and then show up for your appointment!

Check out our Booking Calendar and see how simple it is to book a room and layout your schedule for the week or even months in advance.

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